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Running pic
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Friday, April 12, 2013

An idea takes seed..........

Just a quick (slightly tipsy) update.  So, it’s close to tax day and I went out to lunch today with my cousin and the woman who prepares our fairly complicated taxes.  We had 2 bottles of wine.  When I got back to the office I had an e-mail from Chicago Endurance Sports about their fall marathon training program with convenient times that go out of Fleet Feet Lincoln Square. My friend Kari from Janesville, WI had mentioned earlier this week that she was doing the Madison Marathon and I was planning on signing up for the half so I could hang out with her for a girl’s weekend. I was all set to be the person who was happy, showered, and waiting at the finish line with coffee and doughnuts for Kari and Laurie when they completed the marathon.  Then the wine started talking and I decided in one fell swoop to sign up for the training program and the marathon.  Well then.  Or as they say in Wisconsin, and then so. Bad idea? Probably. A good goal? Definitely.  I guess I can kiss my weekends goodbye and start to stock the house with pasta again. So, is the moral of this story don’t sign up for big races when tipsy? We will have to see -  November 10th will tell the tale. At least I can be fairly certain that it won’t be a massive heat wave like the 2011 Chicago Marathon where the temps hit close to 90 and my feet were a sweaty blistered mess. Plus, having not looked at the course AT ALL, aren’t there hills in Wisconsin? I’m doomed! Doomed I tell ya’!

So, any experience with either CES training programs OR the Madison Marathon? If you have any complaints, compliments, advice – I could certainly use it.

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