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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week in review

It’s been kind of a shitty week for running – on a lot of levels.  Obviously, Boston.  I’m unlikely to ever qualify unless I keep running until I’m in my 80’s but this year both my sister-in-law and my super-speedy nephew and a good running buddy all qualified.  On Monday I had just finished checking the runner tracking site (nephew & buddy had already finished) when I saw the first e-mails about the explosions.  Everyone I know who was there is fine but I haven’t had a chance to sit down with everyone to hear their stories. I know my sister-in-law had to be pretty close – there was a 40K (24.8-mile) time for her but no finish time.  That means she was less than a mile and a half from ground zero.  I’m so thankful that they are all safe and sound at home now. This whole situation makes me all the more determined to do well at the Madison Marathon that I stupidly signed up for.  I have a little over 6 months to get in marathon shape and I think I can do it and do it better than my only other attempt – Chicago 2011 – where I didn’t do nutrition or hydration well and it was hot and I got blisters and whine, whine, whine. Anyway, if you are looking for a way to support those affected by the Boston bombings, mark Saturday June 15th on your calendar to do a charity 5K race/run put on by Chicago Running Bloggers where all proceeds will go to the One Fund for Boston.  I know the website has been a little wonky, so the easiest way to get updates is to ‘like’ the page on Facebook. I’m sure they will need volunteers and if you can spread the word at any running clubs/groups or fun runs it would be great.!/RunForBoston5k

Now for my running updates. Last week was pretty great even if I was feeling slow.  I got in all the miles I was hoping to for a weekly total of 26. I haven’t hit that kind of number since January before the injury. I ran 5 miles on Monday, 6 on Wednesday, 5 on Friday and 10 on Saturday.  The weekday runs were all pretty standard runs but for Saturday I went with a small group out to the path that runs between Bunker Hill on the south end and the Botanic Garden on the north. We usually drive up to the parking lot by Old Orchard Road and run out and back heading to the north. Running south is OK, but there’s a stinky stable and usually large clumps of walkers to contend with so we only go south if it’s a really, really long run and we want to break it up – like 4 out and back each way for a 16-miler. The run was slow but it was a nice day and I made it through without stopping (except for a potty break) and a brief stretch at the turnaround. I even felt good later – no lingering pain even the next morning. After the run we went for coffee and then as I headed home I saw a riderless horse emerging from the forest preserve. I got stopped, put on my hazard lights and tried to approach the horse.  I might have been able to catch him but some idiot swerved over in her car and scared him into crossing a busy street and heading onto the running path going north.  I called 911 and gave them all the info I had and then went home.  I’m kind of tempted to call the police department to find out what happened – to the horse AND to the rider that got dumped.

So far this week has been pretty good too. I got in 4 miles each on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to run on a treadmill on Wednesday due to the massive rain and lightning and  the whole time I was reminded how awkward I feel on a treadmill – I just can’t get into a groove.  I spend the whole time intensely thinking about running – where my feet are, how my arms are swinging. Am I going to accidentally hit the pause button on the hand rail? Am I too close to the front? Too far?  It’s just too much thinking for me. Plus the view sucks unless (sorry sexist comment ahead) there’s some hot guy I can stare at. I’ve managed to get in some good cross training too – a Body Pump and a CXWORX class and I hope to get in another Body Pump class on Friday evening.

Saturday I’m running the CARA Lakefront 10-Miler – running, not racing (although I’ll see how well that resolution holds out once I get in a crowd). I think a couple of my friends are going to bandit the race and keep me company for at least part of the race. I have to get to the race super-extra-early because I’m setting up and working at the Ragnar Relay Booth.  Set-up starts at the ungodly hour of 5:30 – I’ll probably get there at 5:45 since our booth is not complex – a pull up sign, a tablecloth, some stacks of post-cards and some giveaway shirts and tattoos. I got an e-mail from the race about heightened security which – I know, I know too soon – seems a little over the top.  Boston is a world class athletic event with tens of thousands of runners and a zillion spectators.  The Lakefront 10 has what? A couple of thousand runners and maybe 100 spectators if it’s a nice day? But I get it – everybody’s a little shaken up and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Originally I was totally not going to do this race because it’s also my wedding anniversary and I’m sure my husband would rather I not fall asleep with my face in my dinner at the fancy restaurant where we have reservations but eh, I’d have to run 10 miles anyway and I might as well get a nice shirt and a medal.  I can always take a nap when I’m done.

Sunday I’m totally excited to try a free intro to Crossfit.  Fleet Feet organized a workout with a local Crossfit Box - we will meet at the Old Town store, run a warm-up mile to the Box to do a Crossfit workout, and then have a nice cool-down run back to the store. I did a Crossfit workout once before at a rowing studio where I had a Groupon for classes.  It was really, really hard but I liked how it used all different parts of my body – I actually enjoy a workout that gets me really sore the next day. There’s a Crossfit Box going in on Lawrence about a half mile from my house and I’ve e-mailed them to keep me in the loop for their opening date so maybe this will become a regular thing. I've heard that it's kind of cult-y and people who do Crosstit regularly really, REALLY get into it. I've also heard that not every Box is for everyone - you have to find one that will let you make modifications and take your level of fitness into consideration. We'll see - if nothing else it's a free workout that will surely burn some calories and add 2 miles onto the weekly total. 

So, I’ll be back on Monday with a Lakefront 10 recap and a review of the Crossfit class.  In the meantime – go ‘like’ the Facebook page for the Run for Boston Charity 5K - just do it!

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  1. treadmill... you mean DREADMILL!
    Good job keeping up with the workouts!