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Running pic
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And.....she's off!

So I get to run tonight and frankly I’m a little freaked out. The last time I ran was February 9th – that’s 4 weeks ago.  I suppose there are those of you out there who have had injuries far, far worse that have kept you out of the game far, far longer and are thinking, “that Poppy moron doesn’t know from injuries!” But, since I’ve never really had anything go wrong since I started seriously running it seems weird to have not run for any extended length of time.  I have all these worries: will I still like it? Will the weight I’ve managed to pack on be a problem? Will I re-injure myself? Mostly it’s the last one.  I still remember the horrifying feeling when I accidently ran (just to put my parking meter sticker in my car – I swear!) and I felt the pulled muscle in my calf move and feel like it was ripping (spoiler: that was just me being dramatic, but it did feel pretty awful) and I SO do not want that feeling again. So I will take it easy tonight – no period of running longer than 60 seconds and not more than 6 total separated by 4 minutes of walking – and that’s only if the first one feels good.  If it feels bad you can come looking for me around Rockwell and Leland – I’ll be huddled up against Bloom Yoga weeping.

In other news, I’ve fallen back in love with spinning.  As I mentioned before, Galter’s spinning classes…..suck. The music sucks, the pre-programmed routines that you have to stick to for weeks suck, the lighting sucks. LSAC though, is super awesome – great instructors who have original routines set to different music every week.  Makes me want to switch clubs. In fact, I may just sit down with a membership person.  What I’d like to get them to do is to give me a week free – I’d like to try to hit all the classes I’d go to on a regular basis to see if I actually like them and the instructors, to see how crowded they are at the times I want to go, to see how easy/hard it is to park, check out their new pool, etc.  Other than the awful spin classes my main complaint about Galter is that their evening classes start at 5:30/6pm which is close to impossible for me to get to. Then their next round starts at 7/7:30 which gets me out of there too late. LSAC has way more classes that start at 6:30 which is totally do-able. A plus for Galter is free parking and a track to run on (although the track is super small and kind of hard and banked which doesn’t always feel great on the joints).  Decisions, decisions. Maybe I’ll e-mail the membership person and see what they say. Plus I have three friends who are members and I’ll check with them to see what their monthly nut is and what their opinions about my concerns are.

What do you look for in a health club? Do belong to one and if you do, do you like it? What don’t you like about it?

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  1. I love my club. I've been a member of a few clubs over the years, and I need an indoor pool and lots of group exercise classes. All gyms have all the standard stuff I might need - cardio equipment, weights, etc. I could probably even skip the pool if the gym at least had a lot of good group exercise.