Running pic

Running pic
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Whee! I ran! A little.

Just a quicky update here.  I ran and………it was pretty great.  Yeah – it WAS only six one-minute segments out of a 30 minute walk, but none of them hurt and the later runs felt better than the first couple.  I kept it slow – no leaping with joy or taking off at a sprint – don’t want to be stupid about this.  I will give it another go this weekend and increase the running bits to two minutes and maybe tack on a seventh segment if it all feels OK.  I mean, I have GOT to get back in running shape.  I don’t really give a fig about the Shamrock Shuffle next month – it’s always a cluster anyway – but I DO care about the Green Bay Half in May and I care MUCHO GRANDE about the Madison-Chicago Ragnar Relay in June.  It’s not like we’ll win anyway, but I want to be able to complete all three of my legs without crapping out or getting reinjured.

Speaking of the Ragnar – have you done one? If not, you totally should.  It seems daunting – after all it is 200 freaking miles.  But, there are 12 runners and each runner only has to do between 14-20 miles TOTAL and that’s broken up into three legs.  And, your team only has to maintain an 11-minute/mile overall pace which means (like my team) you can have super-speedsters who can run sub-6 minute miles and you can have 12-minute milers too as long as it all balances out. Last year I had so much fun and solidified friendships and screamed with laughter and bought out all the purple popcorn shirts at a Walgreens in rural Wisconsin.  You too could have all this fun! Seriously – if you have any questions just drop me a comment . After all I am a Ragnar Ambassadress, so while they don’t pay me to blab about them, they do compensate me with some swank gear and a couple of race entries.  If they have the confidence in me, you can too.

So, go out and run some miles for me this weekend – make me jealous and run a long one somewhere nice like Waterfall Glen or Palos.  Heck – I’d even be jealous of a 3-miler on California Avenue.

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