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Running pic
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Big week ahead

It was kind of a bust this weekend as far as physical activity.  I thought about going for a walk/run but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for the walking part.  Plus my house was starting to look like a pack of rodents lived there and I had to do some cleaning – that’s exercise, right? I did go to a CorePower sculpt class on Sunday and it kicked my ass. Literally. Like my glutes are SORE today. But, happily I have an excellent week scheduled to get me back on track:

Monday AM: 1 mile run (felt good!), Phys. Therapy (PT). PM: swim at old gym

Tuesday AM: sculpt. PM spin @ new gym.

Wednesday AM: BOSU bootcamp + Hard Core class @ new gym, PT. PM: Chicks Night – short run

Thursday AM: sculpt class. PM: Taste the Madness event at Fleet Feet-Old Town (you should totally go if you live in Chicago – $20 buys you a tasting glass for beer & booze + snacks, mini-massages and more!)

Friday AM: short run, PT. PM: weights class at old gym

Saturday: Maybe early short run, SHOP/CLEAN/COOK/ for party.

Sunday: Sculpt class

Pretty full week if I manage to do it all.  I’m hoping that since a mile didn’t hurt or re-blow out the calf I *might* be able to do 3 consecutive miles sometime this week? Maybe? Please? I have races coming up! Shamrock on April 7th (yeah – that’s going to go well…..) and the Ravenswood 5K on the 28th. For future races, I have the Green Bay half in May and I really have to hope that I can get in at least one double digit run before that race or I’m going to die. And then in June the biggie…….RAGNAR! But I was smart this year – instead of taking a total distance of close to 20 miles and wishing someone would just shoot me on the final leg, I’m taking a fairly easy 13.2 mile total distance which I should be able to kill – instead of it killing me. Plus, I'm still not giving up on my quest for 1000 miles this year. I was going to ONLY count running miles but since the setback I'm also going to count walking, swimming and eliptical too - I still might have a chance to make it.

So, that party on Saturday.  Last year I held a party for my running buddies called Thanksgiving in March and it was so popular I’m making it an annual event.  Basically I cook a huge turkey with White Castle stuffing and stock the house with beer, wine and booze, and then everyone else brings their favorite Thanksgiving side dish or dessert. It’s a win-win because turkeys are super easy and I hate making side dishes.  My husband is kind of freaking out because there’s going to be 15 people in our house and the dining room only seats 6.  I say who cares? There are 3 stools in the kitchen and plenty of room in the living room around the coffee table.  Last year I think I sat on the bottom of the staircase and balanced my plate on my lap and it was FINE.  He’s such a worrywart. Speaking of worrying, I need to call the butcher where I ordered the turkey from to make sure it will be fresh and not frozen – now THAT would be a tragedy.

Also, how do I break up with my old gym? I suppose I need to talk to someone in the membership department.  I’d love to have an exit interview so I could let them know that their craptastic spin classes are part of what’s making me leave.  They should know that – right? I need to get on this soon.

In some gear news I took advantage of a big sale at Skirt Sports and treated myself to their Skirt Breaker rain jacket.  I actually like running in the rain (as long as it’s not freezing rain or a complete downpour) but I needed a jacket that was water resistant.  I haven’t worn it yet, but it looks and fits great.

How do you feel about running in inclement weather? I love the cold, hate hot, humid weather.  I used to think running on ice & snow (with my Get-a-Grips) was fun until I f-ed up my calf. Tell me what you like!

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