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Running pic
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Every day I'm shuffling...

So last night…. Yes, I did get in the 6 miles I wanted to but it sure wasn’t pretty.  The footing was pretty awful and since I didn’t think it would be that bad I didn’t wear my Get-a-Grips. I wound up having to adjust my stride to a sort of flat-footed shuffle and my left calf must not have appreciated it because it felt like my Achilles tendon was ratcheted up a couple of inches by the time I was done.  And did I stretch? Nah – that would have been the SMART thing to do.  I did use a heated flax pillow and take some Advil after dinner to loosen everything up and luckily it seemed to have worked because it’s OK today.

This morning I took a CorePower Sculpt class and it was so freaking hot in the classroom I was a sweaty mess by the end of class.  Does the heat really do anything? Are there any studies out there? I’d love to know.  I suppose it’s good to sweat out the toxins – or is that just a myth too? 

On a non-workout note I wore really warm clothes today because it’s supposed to start snowing and be really crappy by the time I have to drive home and I always want to be ready in case I have to walk home (ridiculous – would NEVER happen).  I have on black leggings, shearling boots (NOT Uggs), a chunky black turtleneck and a grey wool A-line skirt.  I should have known better – when I went to put on the skirt this morning the zipper was sticky and I had to force it to zip up and down.  I wrestled it up and figured I’d have it replaced after this wearing when I send it to the cleaners.  Ha! -the zipper had another scenario in mind for me. I was bending over to pick up something and I felt the zipper separate and now it’s just not working at all.  Luckily there’s a hook & eye closure at the top or I’d have to stay seated for the rest of the day or risk my skirt puddling around my ankles. My sweater is long enough to cover the gap but it’s not making me feel too confident – I have to dig through my bag to see if I can find a couple of safety pins – what good racer doesn’t have a million safety pins around? I suppose I could always use small binder clips.

Tomorrow morning hopefully my faithful running buds will be ready and willing to head out into whatever weather is it so we can get in a frosty 5 miles, and then I’ll do 8 miles on Saturday morning. And I WILL get in those 8 miles.  I’d actually prefer to do 10 since I’ve got a half coming up in a couple of weeks, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

I’ll be back after the weekend reporting on some non-running activities: there’s a Winterbrew festival at the German Cultural Center, Restaurant Week group dinner at Bistro Campagne, and then a leisurely Sunday spent at the Naked Korean Spa.

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