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Running pic
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snowy runs

The past few times I’ve been out running has seemed more like a cross-training adventure.  Our first measureable snowfall in Chicago has produced sloppy, uneven surfaces that provide a fantastic core and ankle strengthening workout.  Last Saturday’s run seriously felt like I was running on soft sand and left my hips screaming.  I ran on Monday and Tuesday morning (5 miles each time) this week and I wore my Get-a-Grips both days and they did seem to help a bit – especially since the fine citizens of Chicago have (mostly) cleared their sidewalks but left just enough for the Get-a-Grips to dig in.  I think it might be time to replace the spikes though – they seem to have worn down enough that they aren’t really digging in the way I’d like.  I think there are about 6 spikes per shoe and I should have enough extra spikes to swap them all out. If you want to keep running outside through the winter you really have to have some sort of snow & ice overshoe to keep you upright and moving forward.

I’m running tonight at FF-Lincoln Square’s Chicks Night and I’m hoping to slog through 6 miles.  It’s warmed up a bit so hopefully the packed snow and ice on the sidewalks and path will be mostly gone. I’m on track to hit 29 miles this week which will add a nice slug to theover-20  bank.  I’m starting to think that the 1000 miles in 2013 goal might be selling myself short. Ragnar training has been going on now for a few weeks and the mileage is starting to ramp up and in a couple of months I’ll be running 30+ miles per week.  I have to think that I could hit 1,300 miles.

Speaking of Ragnar training, in looking at the training schedule I am so not excited by the super-long runs.  18 miles does not make me jump with joy.  There is a reason that I’m 99% sure I am part of the One and Done club with marathons and that reason is the grinding long, long runs. My feet were a mess with blisters between my toes and the onset of plantar fasciitis, I was getting strange aches in my hips and it seriously felt like I pulled a muscle in my uterus.  My uterus.  Is that even possible? I loved finishing and I’ll say it – I love being able to say that I have done a marathon.  The training? Not so much.  Half-marathons I absolutely love.  I can do them anytime.  Maybe not well, but I can step it up and finish in a time that I am at least not ashamed of.  If I bother to train and lay off the pizza I’m pretty sure that I could go sub-2 again.

Gear Love:  after soaking and then freezing my feet on Saturday in a pair of cotton-blend socks I ponyed up for a couple of pairs of Smartwool socks.  Like all the Merino wool gear they were pricey – about $14/pair – but totally worth it.  I wore a pair on Monday and my feet got wet in all the slush but the never got cold and that makes a HUGE difference. This past fall I was lucky enough to model in the Fleet Feet-Chicago Fashion Show and I was chosen to wear Icebreaker (and keep the gear I wore) and it’s engendered a complete love affair with Merino wool. Absolutely nothing keeps me warmer and more comfortable.  Like I said – it’s an investment. At $100 for a half zip and $80 for a t-shirt (let’s not even get into the $250 for the jacket) I can’t deny that it’s pricey.  But, if you can do it, wait for the post-season sales (Icebreaker has 30% off on a bunch of styles right now) and pick up a piece or two.

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