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Running pic
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Say a little prayer for me.....

So, I did this really stupid thing.  You know how when you start poking around on suddenly that flakey patch of skin becomes a sandwich of AIDS topped with cancer with a side of venereal disease? Well if you’ve got a running injury I’d avoid the forums on because you’ll be completely freaking out within a few minutes.  I looked in their injury forum and typed in ‘calf’ and immediately found a post from a guy who has similar symptoms to mine and hasn’t been able to run for four months.  FOUR MONTHS.  If I can’t run for four months several things will happen:

1.       I will cry. A lot.

2.       I will balloon up to my pre-running weight.

3.       Did I mention the crying?

4.       My running buddies will forget about me.

5.       The crying.

Now, for me I have been really, really good.  I walked for 2 miles on Wednesday and it wasn’t great.  It felt kind of wonky the whole time and then at the end of the 2 miles when I had to pick it up a little to make a streetlight it hurt like a mofo. So, I actually did the smart thing and I didn’t do anything yesterday at all and today I’m going to the gym to swim (this is huge – I hate swimming) because I have to do something or I’ll start climbing the walls and swimming seems like it won’t put stress on the muscle. I’m just worried because my symptoms are totally like this forum guy – it feels OK and then a mile or two into the run it – this is my description – feels like the muscle has ‘felted’.  If you’re a crafter you might know what I mean. If you’re not, imagine working something and as you work it, it gets bunchier and tighter.  Great for woolens, not so great for muscles.  The knot responds really well to heat so I’ve been using my flax bag to keep the heat on when I’m at home in the evening.  I joked that I should put one of those hand warmer packs down the back of my compression sock when I run and don’t think I won’t try that.

After I swim tonight my friend’s husband is going to put on the KT tape and I really, really hope it isn’t the big load of BS that I think it is. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Sounds like you read one of my dads old posts! anyways without knowing much of your injury, my dad found success with consistently massaging the bad calf with "the stick."He would describe the pain as a "calf heart attack." Hope you find an answer soon so you can run again.