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Running pic
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When you see a little light........

This may be a little premature, but believe I have seen the light and that light is trigger point massage.  I went out last night for my scheduled hour-long massage and told Jaye (my massage lady) about the knot.  She warmed up my calves while she worked out a shoulder knot and then went to work on my calf for 45 kinda painful minutes.  I usually go for 90 minute relaxation massages so I’m not really used to wincing, yelping, and tears running down my face.  But pain has its benefits – by the end of the session Jaye could totally feel that the knot had softened – and she said she was pretty sure it was just a knot and not any kind of tear.  Then later last night my friend and her physical therapist husband came over and he re-confirmed that it’s just a bad muscle kink and it will work out.  He showed me a few stretches to do and watched me do my home trigger point therapy to make sure I was doing it right, told me to drink loads of water, and said that if I took it easy and he showed me how to apply KT tape that I should be able to run by the 24th. So, that means for the El Paso Half I should be good to go.  It probably won’t be a PR by a long shot – although since I’ve never really done any kind of pre-race taper before, who knows? Maybe I will come out of the chute with blazing speed. Haaaaahahahahahahaha. Plus, since I’ll have KT tape on people will probably assume that I know what the hell I’m doing – which I patently do not.  It’s the same theory I have with arm sleeves – if you’re wearing them you must be good. Although now it seems that like calf sleeves (which I am totally guilty of wearing as a fashion accessory), arm sleeves are just a ‘thing.’ Witness the many ladies wearing them at the Zooma Amelia Island Half who finished after me (and plenty finished before me too).

So, I’m heading to my usual Chicks Night run at Fleet Feet-Lincoln Square tonight – not to run but to walk.  If I don’t do SOMETHING I’m going to go positively loony, and anyway I have Valentine’s Day cookies as a treat for the group. I think tomorrow I’m going to try to hit a yoga class at a local studio in the morning and the elliptical at my gym in the evening – the New Year’s Resolutionists will hopefully be gone by now and anyway it will be Valentine’s Day tomorrow so I’m hoping that everyone will be out eating overpriced fancy meals with their significant others.  Me? My husband and I will probably open the cards we got for each other and we will cook something simple that we both enjoy – like pasta with pesto sauce and a big salad.  Maybe we’ll go wild and have something delicious for dessert.

I’m going to try running on Saturday after learning the secrets of KT tape (frankly it totally seems like a big bag o’BS to me but I know people who swear by it so I’ll save my skepticism until after I’ve tried it for myself) and hopefully it will go well.  Sometimes it takes time away (even a little time) from something to realize how much it has become a part of your life and how much you miss it – I really, really, miss running. Yeah, I do some yoga, I do some lifting, but nothing is like running.  I hope I'm back lacing up my Brooks (or Newtons, or Kinvaras or whatever - I'm a shoe whore) soon.

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