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Running pic
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Friday, February 1, 2013


I hate skipping runs, but sometimes it’s just what’s in the cards.  I put in 5 miles on both Monday when I absolutely wasn’t feeling it, and Wednesday when I had to run super-slow to avoid wiping out on the ice, but the 5 I was supposed to get in this morning just didn’t happen.  It was 2 degrees with a windchill of -17 and my buddies bailed out for our usual 5:45am run.  I totally would have gone if I’d had company, but even in my safe neighborhood I don’t like to run alone at a time when there aren’t many people out in the streets to hear me scream.  Plus, if I wiped out on the ice there’d be nobody to make sure I got home and didn’t just freeze to the sidewalk. I have the winter running clothes and I actually enjoy running in the freezing cold – I was all prepared to wear the following:

Sugoi Bun Warmers – got these last year in the summer from a Fleet Feet sale and I’ve heard great things about them.  My ass apparently doesn’t have enough blood flow to keep it warm in really cold temperatures so I’m hoping that these help out.  They look like bike shorts with a fleecy lining and extra fleece covering the ass.

Craft Storm Tights – love, love, love these. Flattering, perfect length, warm, I could go on and on. Really, I should just work for Craft so I could get paid for blithering on about their awesomeness.

A turtleneck base layer – I bought it at a TJ Maxx (shut up – they have some great workout stuff if you’re willing to dig) a few years ago and it keeps me so warm I can only wear it on super cold days. Maybe Climalite?

A GoLite Windstopping/thermal ¼ zip top – I think I got this from the REI or Sierra Trading outlet a few years ago and it’s really heavyweight and keeps me warm, yet I can also unzip a little if I start to overheat. It’s also nice because it’s a light grey and has some reflective detailing which makes it easier for me to be seen by cars. I just looked them up online and they seem to be blowing out all their stuff on their own website and they have some great deals on winter tights and even some Merino baselayers.

Icebreaker Tank – I pulled this out as a possible under-base layer (which I guess would make it the base layer) in case I thought it was just too freaking cold out there, but I probably wasn’t going to wear it.

A fleece convertible balaclava that I think I got from Sahalie a couple of years ago.  It’s nice because you can push the head covering back and it becomes just a neck warmer or pull the mouth covering down to make it more of a hood and it has drawstrings to keep it all in place.

Brooks HVAC gloves – the warmest I have but my fingers will probably still be cold for a few miles.
Yu-Be Moisturizer - used by the Japanese ski team to prevent chapping and it really works.  Good for guys too since it doesn't smell girly at all.  I got mine at Merz Apothecary but it's at Sephora as well.

C’est la vie – I guess I’ll just wear it all tomorrow when I do my 8-miler with the Fleet Feet Breakfast Club run. Even with the mileage from this run it will mean that I won’t hit the 20-mile weekly goal (short 2 miles), but since I have miles banked I’m not going to stress out about it.  Plus after running/racing two half-marathons in two weeks it’s not the worst thing in the world to just take a break and cut back the mileage a little. I did squeeze in a few CorePower Sculpt classes for cross training so I wasn’t a total slacker.  I had been toying with the idea of doing a pre-Superbowl race in Chicago to justify the crap I’ll be eating later, but it’s really no fun to do races without someone else.  Maybe I’ll hit a morning Sculpt class or head out for a few miles on my own.

So, weekly mileage total will be 18 (unless I go out for a few miles on Sunday), 111.85 for January/overall.

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